Paper: A remedy design of PI controller for liquid level control

A remedy design of PI controller for liquid level control

In the industrial, the level of liquid control in the tank is important. Level control in the tank can be done by manipulating the liquid flow rate, in order to obtain the appropriate level of the liquid set point. For that required selection of control mode and tuning method accordingly. Despite its popularity, PI (Proportional-Integral) control tuned with Ziegler-Nichols method, suffers from weird oscillation. In this paper, a remedy for PI controller is proposed with and the St. Clair method. As results, based on the level control of manipulated value (MV), the output trend is obtained with 0% oscillation change, the rise time is 1.71 seconds, and the settling time is 4.9 seconds. It shows a level control system with PI control and St. Clair is able to make the system stable against MV.

Date of Conference: 6-7 March 2018
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